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Book 30 minutes demo session in just $9.

I'm really happy with my BM tutor. She helped me prepare for my English exam, and she was amazing. I learnt so much. She was kind, very generous with planning, and has a good sense of humor! Thank you so much Weictory online academy!

Annalisa-Benowa State High School Queensland , Australia

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Average Student Rating
I am very happy with Mr. Ravi Kumar, India for Math HL & Mr. Raja Rao, India for Chemistry HL. Both of them helped me a lot and I am feeling more confident now in both the subjects.
Pei E Cheong, IBDP Student (2020-21)
Utaholy International School, China
Mr John Collin,UK was an extremely helpful, flexible and constructive tutor. He helped me and identified all the weak points in my Business Management IA and then provided very beneficial feedback to ensure the IA is the best it can be.
Amelia, IBDP student (2019-20)
International School of Amsterdam,Netherlands
The Exam Killer revision course was amazing. It was really a great initiative as we revised our concepts and worked through my weaknesses. The BM class was the most influential and interactive class I ever had. Eco was a very knowledgeable and enlightening. Overall, very well taught and could provide me a great boost for my scores.
Glenmark Rodrigues, IBDP Student (2018-19)
NES International School, Mumbai,India
I have had a great experience learning from all the teachers, the methodology adopted by them were very innovative, practical yet flexible according to the students. My IBDP year 2 you was made much easier and exciting because of the academy.
Shivansh, IBDP Student (2018-19)
NES International School, Mumbai,India